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Our greatest asset

We valorize our most important asset, every day.  This is part of our principles and our management culture.

Augsburg is proud to count 300 employees, working hard everyday to meet deadlines and the quality our clients expect. 

Counting more than 85% of women, including Augsburg's C.E.O and owner Ms. Lucia Matasa, her daughter Monica and grand-daughter Nadia, the company is mostly driven by women. 

Our employees are spread between many sections, starting with the commercial team, which form the first contact our clients get with Augsburg. The initial prototype is then handled by the sampling team who create patterns for the programmers (14 of them) to develop. The other teams include machinists, a linking and sewing team, a section in charge of sourcing accessories, a washing, drying and ironing team. The products are then taken care of by the quality control team, followed by the packing team, and our warehouse employees. 

We welcome all of our clients or potential clients to come and visit us here at Augsburg, to meet the teams and understand how we work.

We’re ISO 9001 Certified: we provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and demonstrate continuous improvement. Our QMS (Quality Management System) is appropriate and effective.  This reflects very good job satisfaction, improved morale and operational results. We also assure our customers products that meet their requirements and deliver consistent performance.

Our last WCA by Intertek audit is from 2020 (Labour, Wages & Hours, Health and Safety) highlighting the safe and socially responsible factory.​​

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